Fuel Estimator for Long Haul Flights

Hey guys,

Just asking out there if there are any 3rd party apps (preferably free) that estimate the amount of fuel you need for long haul flights. I’m annoyed of having to takeoff and check to see how much fuel i need for long hauls.

Thanks and happy flying!

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All you need! It gets you the FPL, including automatic SID and STAR departures and approaches, as well as the perfect amount of fuel, pax, and everything you need for your flight!

Fuel is based on how much spare fuel you want. Try it out!

@Chris_S is the man! 😉


Highly Reccomend this site!

See! Everyone knows it’s the best!

Thanks!! Everyone

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No problem!

I love FPLtoIF! One thing Ill do when I’m not using it is consider the fact that a knot is a nautical mile per hour. So divide your distance by your planned average ground speed to get a rough estimate for time enroute. Then add reserve fuel time on the weight and balance page. (dist/gs=hr - hr+rsrv=hrs of fuel)

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