Fuel Emergency?

If an aircraft is low on fuel, they can request priority for landing.


Yes you can, since it’s considered as an emergency you have to do all you can to get it to the ground safely.

Ps: if I’m not wrong an aircraft under 30 minutes of fuel have to be considered as an emergency.


Yes I’m pretty sure, IRL under 30 minutes is mayday fuel


Hi @Lunar,

You must be in the air for minimum an hour and have under 30 minutes of fuel left to declare emergencies.


That’s how it is in IF. IRL it’s a bit more complicated.

IRL, the FMC can tell you reasonably accurately how much guel you will be landing with based on the current info entered. If you’re current ATC clearance means the FMC predicts you will land with exactly final reserve (almost always 30 mins), that would be considered “minimum fuel”. Any further delay would result in you landing with less than that. An emergency would be if you are predicted to land with less than that final reserve.

Obviously in IF that’s hard to impliment properly, so it’s just minimum and emergency fuel are available from when you have less than 30 mins left.

Not sure when you would ever declare minimum fuel in IF as if you are already under 30 mins you are already very much in an emergency.

I was just going off the 74gear video I saw 😂