Fuel Emergency!

I am currently approaching Saint Martin, and it is really busy. I only filled up for just over an hour, and it’s regularly scheduled 30 minute flight. What do I do? I have been circled five times by ATC

Announce you’re low on fuel and ATC should make way too expedite your arrival. If not, divert to a near by airport.

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How do I do that?

Click “emergency fuel”.

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There’s no button for that…

I believe you have to be flying for an hour or more to be able to declare an emergency/minimum fuel. This is mainly to prevent trollers.

If your fuel level reaches a critical point and you have been in the air for an hour, you should see the button. Once you announce emergency fuel, ATC will clear the airspace so that you may get back down expeditiously and safely.


I would recommend diverting to a nearby airport at that point, there should be a nearby island with a runway long enough for whatever aircraft you need. In the future I would recommend packing plenty of extra fuel or use Simbrief to plan your flight which will include plenty of extra fuel.


When your fuel is low enough there will be a button for that

Besides what’s your aircraft in case you need to divert?

Embraer 190. 8% fuel. 20:00minutes remaining. 25 minutes estimated to arrival

Hmmm, you can’t make it to San Juan, can you?

I found you on LiveFlightapp.com.
It looks like you’ll make it in time. Approach should get you in aligned with the runway for landing.

Oh, I just got the pop-up for emergency fuel thanks.

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Btw the 25 minutes is for direct to your next waypoin that you selected for LNAVt. If you have it direct TNCM. It’ll show you how long until you land at TNCM

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