fuel emergency option

Hey guys,
I just wanted to point out a suggestion if you guys could add an option for fuel emergency option, because this has happened to me before when I miscalculate fuel thinking that atc in the expert server will not put in a long holding pattern, which slowly drains all my fuel, which actually gets quite frusturating not being to let atc know that im low on fuel. And to confirm that were low on fuel there should also be a display on planes on how much fuel they have left for atc.

This is already implemented on the expert server. What else do you mean?

We already have this option available in-game. Even if we didn’t, you would need to be a member (TL2) to request #features.

It’s recommended that you load plenty of fuel especially if you know your destination has a lot of traffic. Also, I’d recommend using some fuel calculation websites (fuelplanner.com or SimBrief.com) to make your fuel load amount more accurate.

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