Fuel efficiency!

I don’t know why my airplanes start off with 50% fuel I can never make it from JFK to Charles de Gaulle airport in France without stopping in I’m Iceland or For refueling… I’ve seen other pilots make it from way longer Trip without stopping. Any explanation please? I’ve tried to work on the fuel efficiency with keeping 35 thousand feet altitude and to the lowest possible speed but the result wasn’t satisfying.

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um? maybe try adding fuel:) seems to help get further


Before flying (when you’re still in JFK at the gate), hit pause, weight & balance, and adjust the fuel to about 2 hours more than your estimated flight time.


Edit: https://fpltoif.com/
That’s a good user friendly flight path generater, it will give you waypoints for the whole flight, Sids/stars, as well as the amount of fuel you should bring and the proper cruise altitudes


How ? I have played infinite flight for so long I’ve never seen an option where I can add fuel lol

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On the bottom right hand corner of your screen you’ll find 3 horizontal lines. This will pull up the pause menu. Click on that. Once you have paused the app while on the ground, click on weight and balance. You’ll then be greeted with the image that Alphadog has linked you above.

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Thank you , it worked

i recommend you watch a full tutorial on the basics of IF. it would really help the experience ;)

Go to weight and balance and then you can control your fuel :)

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