Fuel Dump with ATC

I’m trying to do touch and go’s in a 787 but I forgot to check my fuel load and now I’m over weight for landing, how do I tell ATC that I need to dump fuel without them ghosting me etc

You need to reach an altitude above 7000 feet AGL to dump fuel. Request a departure out of the airspace, dump fuel, and land at a different airport or come back to the current airport. It may not be the correct way to do it but that’s how I’d roll.

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Request a departure out of the airspace and do what you need to do and call back inbound when that’s over.


Think of it like going to the bathroom at school.

  1. Ask the teacher to leave (depart airspace)

  2. Walk to the bathroom (fly out of airspace and to a safe place to dump fuel)

  3. Go to the bathroom (Dump fuel)

  4. Don’t run into people while going to the bathroom (maintain separation)

  5. Come back to class like normal (inbound procedures as normal)


Haha solid. I was trying to just have him 360 me at or above 7,000 but he/she kept asking for my intentions

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What should be done if we are on the approach frequency?

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Oh good question cause that was the frequency I was on. Soooooo ya… they won’t let you change frequency’s cause they keep asking for intentions. My ATC I think figured it out cause he vectored next away then told me to change frequency

they should make a command to say something about being over MLW and need to dump fuel

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As it’s not a bad idea it’s the pilot in commands responsibility to make sure how much fuel is on board and if they need to make a fuel dump prior to contacting ATC. If this were to happen it could ruin an approach controllers flow and cause more stress in situations with high amounts of traffic. I see where your coming from though! 😄

If there is an active approach frequency just tell them you’re flying VFR!

It‘s pretty funny seeing the intensions of pilots and atc is thinking that pilots are not following orders or don’t know how to follow

MaxSez: The simple solution to this Pilot Error is to fly a non-precision Approach. You can’t bend an IF aircraft. Flying for real, no dump capability, do a missed or request Departure. Vector, burn down, go Alt or re-enter.

(@Will_A. responce is a Classic… It would get my vote for a 2020 best of the best ♥️ )


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