Fuel Dump Request for ATC

Hello, want me to create the feature request for you?

I aswell! I unfortunately only mostly see requests for aircraft or reworks, but im all for the things that make the game more realistic! Such as clouds, taxi lights, ATC comms, ect.

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There isn’t a command to let ATC know, so another option for that is to go missed, depart the airspace, dump fuel and return. Approach will sequence you and if Approach isn’t available just get inbound into the traffic pattern or perform what ever maneuver tower wants you to do.

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I mean if you’d like 😂 I just want to request better ATC comms such as requests for Fuel Dump, and requests to entire holding patterns. I also would want comms like, “exiting the pattern due to spacing” or something like that :)

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One command per request, so I will create about fuel dump

Alrighty! Thank you :)

Omg 😂 I just got TL2 lol

The feature is done

Feature request completed