Fuel Dump Request for ATC

I wish there was a way you could request a fuel dump from ATC. I was on approach at OEJN today in the Afriqiyah A350 and I realized I was 10000lbs over weight for the ILS approach, so I couldn’t engage APPR. I requested a climb to 7000, but the controller had no way of knowing I had to dump fuel :( So I had to do a hand landing from 4000 feet which I am horrible at. This is the first time I’ve ever needed to dump fuel. Maybe when I get TL2 ill make a feature request :)


Happens to me sometimes, yeah wish there was a feature.

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Id check a bit earlier so you can dump earlier. That is a lot of extra fuel. Did you use anything for flight planning?

You can make this a feature request

While this is an inconvenience, you should always take care to plan your flight beforehand, making the necessary fuel calculations, fpltoif.com is a good tool to do this with. You should also check your load before descending through the 7000’ AGL mark to ensure you do not land overweight and can dump fuel where necessary.


Once you reach TL2 you can make a #features request for it, cause I don’t think there’s current a topic for it (I searched for it, if there’s one lurking around the IFC, I couldn’t find it).

But a better thing to do it to is accurately plan your fuel consumption, flight time, and remaining fuel. (You can use FPLtoIF, which @Shiv linked above). And remember, you can always go into a holding pattern to burn fuel if absolutely necessary.

He said he wasn’t TL2 yet. You can make one if you wish!

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I didnt even think to look at my fuel, I just loaded in and I had like 48% fuel, which I guess was too much, it was like a short 1 hour flight

How you request to enter a holding pattern?

Yes… 48% fuel is waaaay too much for a 1h flight. You don’t have to use a website but at short flights put MAXIMUM 90 minutes of reserve fuel.

You have to plan accordingly when flying into a controlled airspace. If you have to dump fuel, don’t do it when you are ready for the approach, do it when around 70-80nm away from the airport when at around FL200.

Yea lol, I normally dont mess with fuel, I forgot to reduce how much I brought, but still, even though its preventable, I think there should still be a feature, since aircraft irl still do dumps, and they plan out there fuel very accurately.

I make the same mistake too sometimes. 😂
I either don’t pack enough because I never check beforehand, or I have too much. We all make mistakes.

Just make sure to check your fuel before departure so you don’t make the same mistake as this time.

As for the holding patterns. In the past I’ve just altered my FPL so it does a few loops, but I make sure my approach is the same as before.

🚨 Realism Alert: 🚨 Sometimes I fly with my spoilers in the “flight” setting too, burns more fuel.

Currently you can’t do this, but before you contact approach fly in a straight line for 1 min, make a 180, and repeat this process until your weight is what you want it to be.

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Gotcha, I just need TL2 😭 I have an entire list of ATC communications that would be useful to add

Don’t think they do that unless they need to land earlier (as in a diversion). It is unlikely you would be overweight on a routine arrival.

Just like, post, and contribute in a meaningful way and you’ll get TL2 soon. 😉

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I mean yea, but I just feel like its hard to communicate to ATC about what you want to do sometimes, like if you want to enter a holding pattern, or if you want to fuel dump.

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I try to post at least once every couple days 🤷🏼‍♂️ @Butter_Boi

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Oh definitely. I’m definitely all for improving ATC and communication. That’s probably the biggest thing
I push for with feature requests.