Fuel Dump Procedure

Under what circumstances is a pilot required to “dump fuel” in real world aviation? Does anyone use the process in IF? It would be good to know the correct procedure for doing so.

For example if they need to do an emergency landing and are over MLW, then they will dump fuel.

I use it in IF when I have not burned as much fuel as expected (and I am over MLW) by TOD and will find a place in my descent path to hold and dump fuel.


You dump fuel if you need to make an emergency landing and are above the MLW (Maximum landing weight) or if you are just too heavy because you took too much fuel with you. You can see that you are above the MLW if your airplane load is orange.

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What are the rules about dumping fuel? Presumably not over built up areas.

It needs to be at or above 6000ft AGL as that’s the altitude where the fuel dissipates before reaching the ground.


Thanks for that…couldn’t find anything in IF user guide.

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You can’t dump fuel nelow 7000 AGL in IF anyways IIRC

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7000ft AGL


In IF yes. But IRL I believe the rule is above 6000ft AGL


If you find that you’re near your TOD but you’re MLW, then that would be a viable time to dump

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