Fuel Dump Procedure

MaxAsks: In an overweight landing situation in a Van. “How to Dump” search indicates Dump only Available in Heavey Trash Haulers! Is this accurate?
The procedure for Heavy Dump’s cited unclear. Pls Expound with step by step
guidance? Is Fuel Dump capability for complete IF Fleet on the To-Do List?

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We currently offer this features on heavy aircraft and do not have currently plans to add them to the smaller aircraft unless they have jettison capabilities in the real world. If they do but that is not supported in Infinite Flight we may evaluate it down the road.

To begin the fuel dump you will go to the systems page and select “fuel dump”. The fuel will begin to jettison and will automatically stop once you’ve reduced to the Max Landing Weight (MLW). You can also manually stop the fuel dump process by tapping the button again.




Adding on to Tyler’s statement, you must also be at or above 7,000ft above ground level (AGL) in order to initiate this process; very important. :)


MaxSez. Thanks @Tyler_Shelton @Nathan. (Hats off to the Dev’s, they don’t miss a trick, ingenious workaround.). Had to look at the FAR, FYI:

FAR Sec. 25.1001 Fuel jettisoning system.
(a) If the maximum takeoff weight is more than 105 percent of the maximum landing weight, there must be a fuel jettisoning system able to jettison enough fuel to bring the takeoff weight down to the maximum landing weight…
(There is good reason for the distinction between small GA aircraft and large transport aircraft in certification requirements. First, many GA aircraft are designed to be able to land and take-off at the same weight. Other reasons include performance consideration and that fuel flow is not proportional to max fuel, in part because larger aircraft usually have longer ranges. Longer range means more distance to burn off all the fuel, which usually makes it harder to burn off any unwanted fuel.) Source: AvStockEx…
(Wanna Dump in a Van or other light GA: Fly Inverted and watch the gage, Fuel will vent thru the fuel cap vapor vent. Been there done that in a champ, LOL)


Small aircraft like the a320 cannot fuel dump. They simply have to burn off fuel by holding patterns but in the case of an emergency they will do an overweight landing

MaxSez: Interesting observation @Pilot999. Suggest you tell the whole story next time, Google is your friend! Regards

Fuel Dump; “ Since most twin jet airliners can not meet the FAR requirements, most aircraft of this type such as the Boeing 737 (all models), the DC-9/MD80 and Boeing 717, the A320 family and various regional jet (“RJ”) aircraft do not have fuel dump systems installed” (Wiki)


how do you know if you need to dump fuel?

If you’re above your max landing weight before landing it is advised that you jettison fuel.

Obviously this is simply for the sake of realism, though we realize not everyone cares to take it that far. There is no penalty for landing above MLW. Just as a note, you cannot use auto land if you’re above the max landing weight.