Fuel Dump Bug?

Yeah, I will try. This also is my first time occurring this error/thing, so…

…anyway, thanks for your help!


Yeah as I said try another flight if you want just don’t get mad if it does happen as a reinstall should fix it.

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And to whom it may concern:

Just for clarification, this error/thing happened while I was dumping the fuel in the air.


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@Chris6221…MaxSez: Don’t waste you time with the Duty Experts Chis. Here’s what Mr. Shelton said (Search; Fuel Dump)
“To begin the fuel dump you will go to the systems page and select “fuel dump”. The fuel will begin to jettison and will automatically stop once you’ve reduced to the Max Landing Weight (MLW). You can also manually stop the fuel dump process by tapping the button again.”

“Will auto stop at MLW”. Think you had a SYSTEM FAILURE, if you where above prescribed altitude, which your Grafic illustrates, your glitc should be referred to Staff. Regards

Max is right, i think. Need to verify it with my MaxTranzlator first.

Sounds like it glitched for some reason, we have seen it happen on very rare occasions. However, without a stable way to reproduce the issue it’s hard to find and fix.



The fuel will dump to Max Landing Weight… keep in mind that the A380 can be above max landing weight with Pax and Cargo only in which case the fuel will continue to dump until the fuel is out and the engines are out. Note the warning: monitor fuel levels.


Edit: If you want, test this out and confirm. Shoot me a PM if that’s not the case and we’ll get it checked out.


Able to verify this. Expierenced this in the past and can consistently reproduce.