Fuel Dump Bug?


While I was dumping the fuel, the engines suddenly stopped, saying that the fuel ran out. During that time, I was 70,000 kg over the MLW and was able to operate for six hours (when throttle is on 80%). I was operating in A380-800 Korean Air livery. Is this an error or my mistake?

Operating Device: iPad Air 2
Version: iOS 11.1.2
Setting: Graphic all high, while anti-aliasing is turned off.
Just a side note: I restarted my device before flying :)

If you need more detail(s), feel free to let me know.


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Did you fuel dump for too long?

No, I was dumping for 2 minutes.


We’re you watching as it went down?

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Yes, I was watching as the fuel were dumping into the sky.


I guess that shouldn’t be a problem as Fuel Dump stops when you have reached below MLW. Hence why you can’t do Fuel Dumping when you are below MLW (Maximum Landing Weight).


So it jump or glitch somehow because if you were watching it it shouldn’t be at zero?

Yes but if he was over MLW I don’t know how it could have jumped.

Yeah, so I’m assuming it’s a bug…


So when you stopped the fuel dump or saw it stop was the fuel remaining still sufficient?

The fuel were dumping, and while it was dumping, the engine suddenly stopped, saying that the fuel ran out. Before that, it was sufficient enough to operate a plane for another six hours (while the throttle is on 80%).


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So from one minute it was sufficient then the next totally empty?

I’ve a feeling it’s your fault. You can dump to MLW but were your other weights above that so your fuel continued to 0?

Erm… your fuel is on -2%. A definite bug.

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Yes, it was sufficient, but the fuel remaining percentage suddenly went to -2.


I think that’s more a glitch when you run out if fuel and your engines spool down.

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I just tried even if he had max passengers and cargo he would still have 1:30 left in fuel

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I had a sufficient fuel that said it was able to operate for another six hours before this happened…

My suggestion is just try another flight and see if it happens again. If it does reinstall and that should fix it but have never seen anything like this before. Or if you want to you could just reinstall right now.

A lot of engines operate at their most economical at cruise and burn more at idle. Give it a go, I’m not a frequent 380 flyer so I wouldn’t know the exact specs.