Fuel drop

It would be nice if the fuel will automatically drop, when you’re out the engine will shut down. Hopefully in the future


That’s a good idea too.

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That would be very awesome hope they add that

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I suppose it could be an option to set the amount of fuel.

Wouldn’t that take the point out of the game because it is called “INFINITE FLIGHT” meaning one could fly for any duration of time that appeals to their needs.

It would involve the coordination bet. sim and fuel weight (As you dump fuel, the fuel weight should go down with it).

Engine shutdown is something I really hope they add someday.

If it will be added, please let there be the misty trail of fuel stretchig from behind the aircraft

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Hence the idea of the option. The option could be in the settings.

I really hope they add that. I would make infinite flight way better

hmm you know i never thought about why the won’t let the fuel drop in INFINITE FLIGHT. I think that’ll be a good idea for INFINITE FLIGHT to add that. The fuel drop in INFINITE FLIGHT would make a more realistic experience.

I believe I’ve made my point.

but that’s actually a good idea if that can be added and you could switch between realistic mode and unrealistic mode