Fuel consumption

I was flying from VHHH to EDDF (12 his) and I let my phone sleep. (777-300 ER) When I woke up my plane was crashed, but my plane had max fuel. Is there anything that I should be doing?


It’s unlikely that the fuel was the issue here. Since you put maximum fuel that meant that you were extremely heavy. What happened most probably was that you climbed too high at such a load that it was hard for the Autopilot to control your aircraft.

Next time you should stepclimb; basically climbing flight levels in steps. For example; FL320 → 1 hour → FL350 → 2 hours → FL380.

Just to be sure, can you please check your replay and tell us at what time in your flight your aircraft crashed?


I was in cruise over Ukraine, 10 his into my flight. When I check the replay, I turned my sound on and heard the engines shutting down, then my speed started to drop and I stalled a good 36,000 ft until I crashed.

You were too high for the weight of your aircraft, and it caused you to stall. A better altitude would be FL300 or FL320.

Next time, step climb, using this tutorial: A Guide to Step Climbing

Have a look at this :

What should my vertical speed be when climbing to FL300, and how do you do long haul when sleeping, because you clearly can’t Step Climb when sleeping. Any tips?

I would step climb typically every 30mins-2 hours. I typically step-climb at a VS of 500.

For the sleeping thing, I’m not sure to be honest. I’m always normaly awake at least 1 hour after takeoff so I use that time to stepclimb safely.

Infinite flight assistant. Does it for you.

If you use fpltoif.com, then there will be a summary at the end saying what waypoints you need to climb at, and what time you need to climb at.

You always climb 2,000 feet higher every time. Not 3,000 foot jumps between odd and even cruising altitudes. That’s how midair collisions happen.

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