Fuel consumption

This game is almost perfect, but to make it more realistic, we should add fuel consumption. If you filed a flight plan it would tell you how much fuel you would need. It would also make the pilot fly faster, more like real life because you would use less fuel. Maybe you could also get XP for using less fuel


We need infinite fuel for infinite flight.


Good point, however maybe we could add a button to disable this feature

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Fuel consumption is a feature that ive wanted for so long it makes the sim more realistic.

Hi @AirbusA350 ! Welcome to this forum! Hope you got more experiences here!

I would Like to see this feature too! It would make the game more realistic

Great idea, oh and just for advice, when you’re going to post something, make sure there is no any topic similar to yours😉 Just saying.

IF is a simulator not a game ;)