Fuel consumption ratio

Because on a previous post people were wondering how to calculate fuel needed for when global comes out I’ve found some specifications and created a formula to calculate how many US GALLONS are needed for these aircraft below (Direct with no additional fuel for diverting or holding). For an aircraft multiply how many nautical miles you are travelling by the number listed next to the aircraft model. That should give you how much fuel to carry on your flight. I based this off the aircraft’s specifications of max fuel capacity and max range. Use this thread to post other fuel consumption formulas for other aircraft. All fuel consumption is off of maximum range at maximum weight. (I will update these if I can get my hands on fuel burn per mile for any of these aircraft).

172- .08045977 (Confirmed MTOW)
208- .27064516 (Confirmed MTOW)
Citation X-.59888060 (Confirmed MTOW)

CRJ200- see note 1
Dash 8-400- 1.28340675 (Confirmed MTOW)

ERJ-170- 1.728888889 (round up to 1.73) (Confirmed MTOW)
ERJ-175- 1.77828571 (Confirmed MTOW)
ERJ-190- 2.33729730 (Confirmed MTOW)
ERJ-195- 2.7025 (Confirmed MTOW)

A318- 2.06451613 (Confirmed MTOW)
A319- 1.72972973 (Confirmed MTOW)
A320- 1.93939394 (Confirmed MTOW)
A321- 1.984375 (Confirmed MTOW)
A330-300- 5.78645669 (See Note 4)
A330-200F- 9.186 ( See Note 4)
A340-600- 6.62179487 (Confirmed MTOW)
A380-800- 10.3048780 (See Note 5)

717-200- 2.56853147 (Confirmed MTOW)
737-700- 1.99854651 (easily rounded up to 2) (Confirmed MTOW)
737-BBJ- 1.72693548 (8 passengers- Confirmed MTOW)
737-800- 2.20706260 (Confirmed MTOW)
737-900- 2.40030628 (Confirmed MTOW)
747-200-7.65109489 (Confirmed MTOW)
747-400- 7.89049587 (Confirmed MTOW. See Note 6)
747-8i- 8.15446313 (Confirmed MTOW)
747-8F- 13.7154897 (Confirmed MTOW)
757-200- 2.80219512 (Confirmed MTOW)
767-300- 3.92018779 (Confirmed MTOW. See Note 7)
777-200ER- 6.40056617 ( Confirmed MTOW)
777-200LR- 5.59789597 (Confirmed MTOW)
777F- 9.63581489 (Confirmed MTOW)
777-300ER- 6.49796472 (Confirmed MTOW)
787-8- 4.53297077
787-9- 4.37249509
787-10- 5.19191291

C-17- 14.6884298

SR22 GTS- .08770257

Super Decathlon-see note 2

Fighters: See Note 3
A-10- 0.73303571 (At cruise speed)
F-14- 1.51125 (At cruise speed)
F/A-18- 0.90055556 (At cruise speed)
F-16C- 0.45833333 (At cruise speed)
F-22- 1.679375 (At cruise speed)

Note 1: For the CRJ a fuel capacity is not listed.
Note 2: For the Super Decathlon range is not listed.
Note 3: Hard to calculate as most do not have autopilots and some have external fuel pods attached. Calculated without fuel pods and on ferrying range not combat range.
Note 4: IF Limits caps fuel capacity at 85,400 kg when total fuel capacity is actually 109,185 kg. In addition, MTOW is incorrect on IF.
Note 5: Incorrect MTOW on IF. Fuel Capacity works but MTOW is 30,000 kg less in IF.
Note 6: IF version is limited in fuel capacity. Fuel capacity is 56,000 kg short
Note 7: IF seems to have combined the -300 with the 300ER as the fuel capacity and MTOW fall under the 767-300ER specifications. Range may exceed what is possible in 767-300 specifications.

Special Note: (Confirmed MTOW) means that the calculation agrees with data put into IF models.


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More to come. Im doing the Airbuses now.


What number?

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The number listed by the aircraft

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Or one could just use fuelplanner.com

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That would leave you without the A330-300, A330F, A340-600, A380-800, the 737BBJ, the 747-8i/F, and all the 777 family we have on If, and all the 787 we have. It was the first thing I looked into when I was looking for fuel planning however it had gaps and the fact that the information was wrong with some of them discredited it’s use.

Thanks everyone who bookmarked. I put a lot of work into this. I have gone through this list and have tested them with all the aircraft noted. The ratios are correct on my end. The aircraft with notes should be used with caution as something with IF’s numbers do not match the specifications on the aircraft and performance may be altered.

It’s the 787.

Just a common mistype. I posted that from my phone.

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Since the numbers will need to be included in the aircraft model, it would be nice if the devs publish specs like this so we have the actual numbers used. I can just see people computing their fuel burn only to find out they’re short a few hundred lbs and complaining that they calculated using some number they found on the internet somewhere else.

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Or FMS build into the sim can do for you and add addtl nesc fuel.

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It would be much better. Usually the pilots have the exact fuel burn for the aircraft when entering weight for TO calculations. The posted calculations are for now until FDS comes out with concrete model data for their models.

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Bumping this up with recent development of fuel burn from Laura’s recent flight. While fuel burn may not come with global it is confirmed to be in a stage of development.

Also the MTOW and MLW of the 787 has been fixed.


Wow! Thanks for posting this. This really helps me (and probably the rest of the community) setting the correct weight on the plane. Looking forward to use this when fuel burn comes out. Thanks!

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Hold on so after calculating the fuel, is that the amount of fuel for each engine, or the amount of fuel all together?

I would imagine that it is total fuel on board as I think fuel balancing is a little way off yet.