Fuel Consumption 747

So I am flying from Franfurt to San Francisco and fuel consumption on cruise is using up alot of and is telling me that I wont have enough even though I have 4 hours of extra fuel, I am cruising at FL360 and at mach 0.81, I am noticing that the engine power is high, how do I fix this?

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How much headwind do you have? A lot can burn off extra fuel quickly.


headwind is currently 36kts

I guess you were using the value you see in the app when setting the fuel level as an measure of how much fuel you will need? It can be helpful, but it’s a really rough approximate that don’t take aircraft weight and winds into account.

I recommend you use something like SimBrief or similar to make it easier for you. There are topics in #tutorials covering it.


I planned the same flight on SimBrief and I was short 3000LBS of fuel so that doesnt really make a difference, so why do I keep burning a lot more fuel than I actually need.

If you’re flying east (tailwinds), simbrief will leave you with just about the correct amount of block fuel. If you’re flying west (headwinds), simbrief will not factor in enough fuel, so add 10-15 percent extra just to be safe.

Yeah, just restarted the flight with way extra fuel and looks like I finally got enough for the whole flight.

I hade the exact same thing yesterday on my flight from EHAM to KSFO. I Also took 3+ hours of fuel, but in the first 3/4 hours it said I’m not going to make it. But because you burn fuel your aircraft will be less heavy( like 80/100 tons) and you will make it. At the end of my flight I hade 15.000 kg of fuel left.

Currently also cutting it close on my way from London to Dubai. Counting on the strong tailwinds that I will get from Turkey to Dubai to push me and save fuel…

Its better to go with some extra fuel on long haul flights and if it comes excess just dump it at a high altitude. (For heavies only)

My tips, you can better fly .85/86 mach in the beginning,so your nose isn’t pointed to far upwards (what results in less fuel efficiency) when you lost enough fuel you can fly .84 Mach or so.

I have the same problem the Engine power is always on 91% or Max and that burns a lot of fuel

your too high for a given weight, you should look to be in the High 80’s for thrust setting, I’d suggest Step Climbs.

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