Fuel conservation

You should’ve used the 787 all the way just so you couldve made it without worrying about fuel

787 would not have made it

I’m sure the 787-8 or -9 could’ve made it (just ask deer and his 23 hour 787-8 flight)

A380 still barely tops the range

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Not your flight but just one example of the 787 doing a flight.

Still a boeing guy, went to the factory and saw 787 being made, probably my favroite airplane ever

The 787 in IF still has an extremely long range, it would have made it (plus the wingflex, engines, and cockpit 😍)


787-8 has a longer range in Infinite Flight, the google range also includes pax and cargo weight, but if you fly without those I think the -8 beats the 380.

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Oh well I gues I was over estimating the realisum of IF, still not reastarting the flight, and hour in, only 17 left

Also this whole thing is going down on TS in anyone wants to creaply stalk me on my way there, or magicly show up at Singapore around 3:30-4 EST tommrow (Wink-Wink-Wink)

I’ll find you on Live flight
Ill find you
I will stalk you
I will escort you ;)

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First plane I found, I’ll be up there soon (or I think that’s you)

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Note to children, never tell a stalker whare you are, for example, I AM NOT JUST INTO CANADA FROM MANE

The dest is set, not sure why that does not show up

But stalkers always know where you are…


Oh dear looks as though we are being intercepted


im coming for you

RIP all 387 passengers, 10 crew, and some poor old man in a canadian cottage

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Safe travels and hope the helpful tips provided from this great community make those ultra long hauls easier to plan.