Fuel conservation

Tryed searching for this couldnt find anything, but I am curently doing a super longhual flight (NYC-Singapore), and Will make it but barely, wondering if anyone has tips on how to cosirve my fuel.

Trim Trim Trim

Step Climb

Don’t cruise too slow and don’t cruise too fast


  1. Use the “emergency fuel” command if there is ATC when you are inbound.
  2. Use simbrief to calculate how much you will actually need.
  3. Decend not too slow or fast. That way, you can keep speed with the engine at 30-50%
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Should the trim be making my nose level?

Make sure you don’t have an excessive climb rate And keep it around 2000 And less when higher up.

Here are the tutorials

When you use trim, do you see that pink line? Trim up and down until there is no pink, that is the moneyzone.

No. Not necessarily.

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Got it thanks always wondered what that pink line does

What would be an optomal cruaing speed for an A380?

The A380 flies at around Mach 0.85

Great thanks I am well in the green now 3+Hrs after FPL of fuel

Just a tip, they always have the cruise speed for aircraft on the Wikipedia for said aircraft.

Just do ctrl + f and type in ‘cruise’ and scroll down to the chart. It is always on there.


Also I am staying at FL28 since I am fully loaded for now, is this about right, or could I still go higher (Now, I planed to go higher later anyways)

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You could probably go up to FL300 or even 320 if you are pushing it, but any higher I would recommend against.


Ok will probably stay here for at least 2hrs?

That would be the correct altitude for the first few hours of the flight.

I do 3-4 for the first step climb, then 2-3 for the next, and 1.30-2 for everything else, but if you don’t have many pax on board 2 hours shouldn’t be an issue either.

Using the trim feature may not seem like a big deal right off the bat. But I’ve seen fuel savings of a few thousand pounds. Which for some aircraft is the difference of landing with 30 or more minutes of additional fuel. Its something that you will find helpful once you utilize it the first time around. I’ll trim in all stages of flight. Takeoff, cruise, landing. Anything, that can make my flight more economical, I’ll look into pursuing. Whether that means going out of my way to find stronger tailwinds, trimming, climbing to a higher altitude if my weight permits, are just a few things to consider when planning a flight.


You can cross reference your flight with flightaware and see their Alt Chart to see where they stepped climb during different stages of the total flight.


I thought of this bit the real flight was operated with an A340, since there is no Singapore livery, I am using a 380