Fuel checks

I was wondering how you guys do fuel checks?

Not sure what you are talking about here, but there’s an option to put “fuel remaining” on the bottom taskbar.

You can adjust your fuel in the weights section in the pause menu.

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I mean for realism sake. You know how pilot do random fuel check during cruise? That’s what I mean.

Well, in some aircraft there is the fuel panel where you can see how much is left, but mainly ones with live cockpits, if that’s what you’re inquiring about.

Yea I just want to be as realistic as possible and do what pilots do.

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Yeah there is a fuel panel on planes with live cockpit and that’s about it

If you want to be as realistic as possible, then only use planes with live cockpit

Then in aircraft like the 777 or A350, there is a screen that will show the fuel distributions between the tanks and just in general how much is left. :)

I just use simbrief

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