Fuel Capacity - Boeing 777-200LR

I tried having a long haul and used SimBrief for the planning.

SimBrief calculations and the flightplan showed that should carry 19hours 40 mins of fuel, but the maximum capacity of the 777-200LR in IF shows a Max Time of 18 hours 19 mins.

I further searched for the maximum capacity of the actual 777-200LR and it has a capacity of 195,285 L. However, again, in IF, the 100% capacity is 147,576 Kg, approximately 125490 L.

So is this a glitch or a problem in the development? And can it be rectified by the developers?


The aircraft is somewhat a bit outdated. This will most likely be fixed in the new rework with new and more accurate fuel burn and fuel capacity data. If you do fly with a light load you’ll go further though and your flight time will increase. This has not been confirmed to be fixed in 20.1.


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