Fuel callout

I have heard a few times now that when approaching and people have been circling to land that there has been a callout saying so and so has 30 minutes of fuel left is this automatic or can you do this manually?

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That happens when you have less than 30 min of fuel its an option with Unicom and ATC

But should have 30 min less of fuel

You’ll see a “emergency” button if:

  • You have flown for more than an hour
  • You have less than 30 minutes of fuel left

Which you can then use to report your remaining fuel left to ATC.

Hope that clarifies :)

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It’s not automatic which means that if you know your going to not have a good amount of fuel left then you need to keep monitoring it and once you have less than 30 mins of fuel left then you need to issue the callout. All the information about the button has been said already perfectly so I won’t repeat anything. Hopefully you don’t get into this situation ;)

Ok thank you

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