Fuel calculation

When i put fuel up when i want at long haul flights i use long haul planes ( 787, 777,747,etc)
I know the flight takes 10-12 hours but i put up to 18 hours worth of fuel in and when im in. The air it comes out with 3 hours of fuel remaining. And it shows i dont have enough, though i should


Check these tutorials out for aircraft fuel planning and range endurance, as for the 3 hours of fuel remaining, you could be climbing too fast with too much power in an overweight aircraft. Welcome to the community by the way, here at the IFC you have world of information on aviation which includes Infinite Flight and real world aviation. I recommend looking at this topic linked below by one of our Infinite Flight staff as a guide for new users such as yourself.


You should probably check real world flight times to calculate fuel correctly and be more precise. I sometimes pack the wrong amount of fuel, so it just practice estimating fuel. And the links above will help.

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Or use fpltoif.com to get the proper fuel measurements.


I use SimBrief.com for my fuel on most of my flights and I find that it works pretty well


You also need to ensure you aren’t using an excessive amount of power on your climb out (e.g. 100% throttle) as this will burn fuel quickly. If you use FPLtoIF.com it will factor this into the block fuel calculations for you.

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Don’t even look at it while you’re climbing. That won’t give you an accurate estimation at all.

Fuel time remaining is based solely on your fuel burn at that exact moment, and it’ll never be higher than on climbout. After you level off at cruise, it will be a more significant estimate, but then you still have descent to give you a little more time because your fuel burn will decrease there (assuming you aren’t like some IF pilots who declare low fuel at 500 kts…)


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