Fuel Calculation

I was about to start a flight from AT 17 to vomm ,
but confused on how much fuel to fill.
can the aircraft even make the long distance flight.,

Aircraft: Lockheed Martin C130
please, can anyone help me

Yes. the tank is decently big. The c130 can go far but very slowly

so how much fuel should i take and what altitude would make it efficient

How far is the flight

5781 nautical miles

Use around 90% of your fuel. Should be around 12 hrs if i’m correct

Here’s a rundown of the fuel from http://fuelplanner.com/index.php

fuel: 26898 kg(90%) nearly 54147 pounds
will see if it works
thanks for your time

Use fltpltoif.com to make the flight plan. This gives you the fuel calculation, route and also the flight levels needed.

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Just saw the website,
thanks for the help.

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Is there a C-130 profile in Simbrief?

no, not in simbrief.

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That’s a shame, Simbrief is such a great tool

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