Fuel calculation

What’s the best way to calculate your fuel for flights? Taking in to account cargo, passengers etc.


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SimBrief is what I use. It’s pretty hefty. Although a small percentage of the time it shorts my fuel, just using about 1k or less pounds of fuel above the block fuel should be enough to put me below 20% on landing on any flight.

For another way to calculate your fuel, Here’s @DeerCrusher’s fuel burns for all aircraft:


I agree, use simbrief. It’s got all the calculations and just to be safe add a bit more on top. It’s never let me down to this day. If you need help using it let me know and I can point you in the right direction.


Hey! Thanks.

I’ve been using simbrief but it doesn’t allow me to adjust the cargo load and always defaults to 1111kg.

Simbrief is my best friend! Refer to the first comment - his done a detailed response. Hope he helps! :)

The work around for that is to assign a zero fuel weight yourself. So start with the empty weight, load up whatever cargo and passengers you want and whatever that comes out to, plug that in to Simbrief for ZFW.

I still use the old fashioned way : opens flightaware and use the flight time from there :)
mostly it is more than enough fuel when I arrived the destination.

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What I do take the fuel amount from the flight time, and add 2 hours

I use SimBrief! It’s amazing. Try it out! :)

Take all these into account. Simbrief is great for planning a VFR / IFR Flight plan and gives you an accurate fuel calculation with both. Now you’ve probably searched the web and found some. I would avoid fuelplanner.com … And in case your wondering the link for simbrief, its here

When loading fuel onto you aircraft in IF, it already gives you a very rough estimate of how long that much fuel will take you (So far with me, its been pretty accurate). I usually just look up the flight time on FlightAware, and add an extra two hours of fuel just in case. Works pretty well for me.

If you don’t have time to generate a SimBreif, I would go on FlightAware and search the flight you intend to fly, and add 1hr and 20mins worth of fuel to that amount for a rough estimate.

For example, if KATL-KSFO on FlightAware says it is a 5hr 10min flight, go ahead and load up 6 hr 30min worth of fuel on IF.

That doesn’t seem right. Once you have selected your aircraft you should be able to select cargo using the drop down menu.


Even if you change this… it still comes up with the same amount of cargo on the flight plan page

Not when I did it. I chose 6 tonnes of cargo, generated a flight plan, and it checked and it showed cargo of 6 tonnes on the OFP.

I suspect you might be doing something wrong. Can you set out what you are doing? Perhaps with some screenshots if possible.

I usually go to google flights or FlightAware and find the flight time for the route. Then I add 2hrs of fuel. I’m very paranoid something is going to go wrong XD

For the Citation X someone is way off, either burn rate for IF is way off or it’s SIM Brief. Also the toughest one with 72 pax and assuming 45 lbs of luggage per pax is the E175…what I mean is having enough reserves but still remain under MLW. E170 is a bit easier when you assume it’s a Delta Connection with 50 pax max.

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