Fuel Calculation, Weight & Balance, Taxiing

Apologies if the following 3 issues have been dealt with prior.
1, I first was flying from LAX to Johannesburg… It showed I was going to run out of fuel, so I diverted to Gran Canaria and landed safely there. However, the next time I tried to calculate how much fuel I would need and I started a flight from LAX to Istanbul and when flying over Budapest I ran of fuel and crashed after an 11hr ordeal of a flight which should have been 13hrs. So now my questions are as follows -
How do I calculate the right amount of fuel I would need? This sucks because there are real flights from Istanbul to LAX and back…
How can I execute a weight and balance? I mean is there a possibility to swap some excess cargo weight for fuel as well? I mean for the long haul flights.
Also when taxiing around the airport, do you use the rudder for turning or just the yoke? Because it seems a bit uncomfortable sometimes but I am starting to get used to it.


You can use a flight planner like simbrief.com for the fuel needed for the flight, pax and etc.

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yes you do

for fuel i just pack way too much and hope for the best.

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You are probably flying too high for your weight, causing you to drain too much fuel. I recommend starting at FL310-330 then gradually making your way upto FL370-390 as you get lighter.

Check out this tutorial as well!

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I always calculate my fuel with http://fuelplanner.com/index.php
It’s very accurate (with the 747 family you need the calculated fuel + 1h otherwise you don’t have enough)

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You have to take into account the wind and the rotation of the earth too



Same flight KLAX-EGLL less 2 hours :D you can use www.simbrief.com very helpful

Hope it helped you! Cya


What aircraft are you using? If you are using the 742 or 744, those are known to drain more fuel than they should. If you are flying one of those 2, pack like 3-4 hours extra fuel

Personally, I disconnect the auto-coupling of the yoke and rudder. I like them being their own separate flight controls. Rudder isn’t controlled by tilting, for me.

For flight planning I use www.fpltoif.com

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I usually fly mostly the 777 Turkish Airlines… Mostly focused on flights with APPR options…

Usually long flights work but yeah I just have the issue of not knowing how to put more fuel on the flight etc etc…

Thank you so much!

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How do you put on way much fuel? I don’t see that option unfortunately… I usually just input my flight plan and then move on…

Yes that is absolutely true… I usually go way to FL400… I will try flying low at 310 and gradually make my way up… But is the reason cus of the thicker air at higher altitudes?

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Nice to see bro… But how do you then choose the amount of fuel you put on? I don’t see that option unfortunately…

Thanks a lot.

Ah thanks for the info… I usually and mainly fly the 777…

I put more fuel than the estimated flight time

so if im flying a 7 hour flight i have like double the amount of fuel

That will be the reason why you run out.

No need to put 5 hours extra ;)

Look the time that the calculator says that is what you have to put in the aircraft

How do you execute the decoupling?

It’s in the settings of the app.

Really, rudder contol for taxiing on the ground is only an accurate simulation for light aircraft I believe (where the front wheel is coupled to the rudder).

Airliners, I believe, have a dedicated steering wheel down on the side near the pilots knees, which they spin to turn on the ground… On the takeoff roll, at a certain speed, when the tailplane becomes effective, they leave the wheel and take control with their feet.