Fuel calculation problem

Few tips for long haul flights. Step the climb so climb to FL300 or so then up to FL340, and so on. This will decrease fuel burn as you climb higher by loosing weight before you climb. Climb at a slower VS will help. Then if you are using flight aware for the times make sure the departure time is close to the one you are using . Lastly a cruise Mach should be used which is typically .83-.85.


I want to know how to calculate fuel knowing the winds and what is the best cruising speed

Check windy.com, very useful for finding out what way is a headwind and to add more fuel if needed

Thanks. But i heard that when you create a flight plan it automatically calculates the ammount of fuel you need. Am i wrong?

Thanks very much aprecciate

Look guys just because that’s the redline doesn’t mean that’s the best way to go. As you increase your mach you increase fuel burn so the trade off isn’t always in your favor. Especially with a headwind. For a fuel saving cruise it should be around .83-.85. Anything higher then that you will burn to much fuel. No airliner cruises at .90 Mach consistantly if ever.

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Yea that is incorrect information.

Okay thanks for the information

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yeaaa how do u calculate the fuel u need ??

See the flight planning series part 4. For information on fuel calculations. Sim brief is also another tool.

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