Fuel calculation problem

I made a flight from Jfk to beijing, before i checked flight aware to see whar was the duration of the flight and it said 13 hours with 5 mins. So i made the flight plan and i added 2 extra hours of fuel in case i needed. But i ran out of fuel before i arrived at my destination. Can someone tell what happened or if i did something wrong

You might have been flying too quickly and used more fuel.

But i was flying at 250 knts

Ahh… You have to fly at the highest speed possible if you want to get there in time. Did you have a headwind? That could waste a lot of fuel.

Did you have a strong headwind/crosswind? That tends to be the main case for fuel being used up.


Ok. It has an eye and how much fuel is being used you can select at the bottom I recommend using that

Yes when i took off from jfk there were high winds 54 knots

Can someone tell me how can i calculate fuel without any mistakes

How high did you fly?

40 thousand feet the whole flight. When the warning appeared saying that i had low fuel i started descrndig

What direction was the wind blowing? Into you or with you?

Do you know your Mach speed? It should be around Mach .9

It was coming from the north and the arrow appeared coming from the right

Your Mach speed should never be around Mach .90

I was really sad when i realised i couldnt get to my destination

@Brandon_Sandstrom Why not?

I like mach .9 as in my opinion it save more fuel. Correct me if im wrong.

I’m currently doing a flight from KJFK - EGLL at MACH .85. Don’t see why you can’t go up to .90?

Yeah I always fly at Mach 0.9 to save fuel and get there faster.

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But whats mach? I know its something related to speed but i dont know what it is