Fuel calculation on aircraft

How do I workout my take off weight an how do I workout my landing weight.

You could use a software like www.fpltoif.com.


It only gives me take off weight cant see landing weight😊

Simbrief might give this information to you. I don’t know since I don’t use it. Your total weight at takeoff is shown by “Total: (number)” in the top right corner of the weight and balance screen. To calculate your weight at landing, just estimate. Here’s how I do it:

Let’s say I’ve got 28,000 lbs of fuel. If I’m flying 1000 miles, that can be done in about 2 hours. Depending on the aircraft, fuel flow will be different. But for this example I’ll be using the A320, which burns roughly 10,000 lbs of fuel per hour. So if I’m flying for two hours while burning 10,000 lbs of fuel, then I’ll use 20,000 lbs of fuel. 8,000 lbs of fuel is left over. Just subtract the 20,000 lbs of fuel estimated to be burnt from your total weight and you should be good to go.


Is there a calculation that you can do to work it out

Thank you so much appreciate it so much

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If you’re talking about the hard-set takeoff and landing weights themselves, every aircraft is different. Find out the max takeoff weight (MTOW) and max landing weight (MLW) for the aircraft you’re flying on Google.
On IF, if you’re weight is showing up as red, you’re above the aircraft’s MTOW and need to reduce your fuel load before you start up and take off.
If it’s showing up as orange, you’re above your MLW, and you should consider burning some more fuel before landing.

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Ohhh I seee so before you land on th bottom of youre screen it shows youre fuel an the percentage so if that shows orange you have to burn more fuel.

Yes, if you look at the “aircraft load,” not just the fuel percentage. Either burn more fuel or (if you’re above 7000 feet AGL and your aircraft allows it) initiate a fuel dump.

Use simbrief.com or fpltoif.com, it should give you all data for the flight that you will need.

I personally use FPLtoIF, it’s easy to use and understand.

Same, i just paste the .xml file and it converts everything

Not quite! If you’re looking at “fuel remaining”, which
I think you are, it will show orange/red if you are low on fuel. If you are looking at load, then that is correct.

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That’s right, my bad. Aircraft load is what I meant.

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If you use something like simbrief, then you have the zero fuel weight + fuel as the initial weight. Subtract the taxi fuel and you will get your takeoff weight. Subtract the trip fuel from this one and you’ll get your landing weight.

Okay so I think I made a calculation how to workout your landing weight on your aircraft.

Calculation landing fuel

Fuel burn per hour x hours of flights(12)
=Fuel burn during flight
(6900/h) x 12 = 82 800 kgs

Total weight - 92 200

Total weight (92 200) - fuel weight (82 800)
= Landing Weight (9200)kgs

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That’s right (taxi fuel could be subtracted as well, but this is often not that significant if you’re not close to weight limits).

I just made that up now and it came out correct do you guys usually workout your landing fuel on the day when you fly or a day before.

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I never calculate it as long as I don’t get close to any limits (which I rarely do). You would calculate it when you are certain of all the loads, so it’s up to you basically when you calculate the weights if you wish to do so.

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