Fuel Calcuation

Hello IFC i am currently doing a flight on TS as Delta 197 from atl to lax and i was wondering if anybody knows what is the perfect landing weight

landing in 2 hours and something ''right now im at 7H;23MN of fuel

around 53,100lbs

Aircraft type?

You should be below MLW by the time you descend.

its a B767

@Claudio how do i know

About 3 hrs of fuel is what I normally have when landing…

Your fuel and your weight should be showed in white.

MLW, and both are showed in yellow.

do i have to put a special option in the bottom or where it says fuel remaining

ok i might start soon “fuel dump”

That’s what I do. There’s also a “load”, which also shows weight in either white or yellow.

found it and im at 45%

Is it yellow or white?

(For load)

it is white

okay sorry I meant for load…fuel always shows as white.

can you find it? ^^

yes im at load and it shows white

Okay then you’re fine because you’re now under MLW.

ok thanks @Claudio and @IF787 for the clarification


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