“Fuel Burned” Shown in Logbook

The VA I fly for requires “fuel used” to be listed in the PIREP (form to submit a flight). Currently, to find out how much fuel you burned, you have to write down the fuel before startup, and subtract the fuel after turning off the engine(s). Since it is impossible to access FOB and other data from the replays, you have to remember to keep track of fuel.

Hello! Did you know that in your UI, there is a section that shows “fuel used”? So when you are done with your flight you can screenshot it or record it on paper so you can submit the proper information with your VA.



Oh! Still, I sometimes forget to screenshot it. The UI is inaccessible from the replays. To me, it makes sense that fuel used would be shown in the logbook.

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Possibly. I get where you’re going with this. However, I think VAs were definitely a thought after IF came to action. I am not sure they’d put a feature like that in the logbook when it’s already there for your flight.


It’s not just for VAs, it just makes sense that the fuel burned would be shown. It’d make it seem a little more realistic of a pilot log. But I see where you’re coming from. Obviously I’m not a developer, but it seems like a simple addition to the UI…


I’d reach out to one of the people who are making some of these 3rd party apps and ask them if there is a way to incorporate this into those or the stats some of us have on our profile page. Some pretty tech savvy people around here. That route is probably more likely than the devs adding it to the code for IF

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Well the In-Flight Operations app does have this as a feature when you save the flight report and tells you how much fuel you used, but the app hasn’t been working since the latest update

So I’m not the only one…

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I’ll look into that.