Fuel burn spreadsheet (Prop Update)

With Fuel Burn confirmed, I took the opportunity to create a spreadsheet with already made formula for each aircraft based off their respective fuel burn ratio (linked here) so you can calculate how much fuel you will need for your flight. The only figures you will have to change to complete sum is the value in the distance of your flight and how much emergency fuel/taxi fuel you want (based off miles). This spreadsheet is for all to use. All the work in this spread sheet was painstakingly done with data provided by aircraft manufacturers of fuel capacity and max range for said aircraft. I can confirm that these values are accurate and translate into IF. The only time they will not are if you are flying outside an aircraft’s operational range and/or there are some inaccuracies with the MTOW or Fuel capacity in IF.

Spreadsheet can be found here


Wow! Amazing work. Thanks for doing this for the community 👍


Amazing! Thank you!

Nice! Will be needed!

I wonder if Laura would appreciate it as Laura crashed one time from running out of fuel.


Of course she will! All of us will benefit from this.

Also be sure to bookmark because I guarantee this post will be backlogged somewhere when Global comes out.


Thanks for putting this together!

I’m sure the game will have a built in estimator for fuel entered.


Thank you this is very helpful!

True story. I have my doubts wether the devs will be bothered. They could just link this or some other thing… idk

Great job!

Just printed the spreadsheet. It looks awesome! Thank you

So tell me if I did this right, I multiplied the distance by the number next to the aircraft livery, then I get how much fuel I need?

Yes. You change the number in the A column and if you want to the number in the D column.

The fact Laura crashed on a flight due to running out of fuel leaves me doubting that.

Ok, thank you

I would be careful in calculating fuel burn as a function of distance. I’m pretty sure fuel flow is calculated on a kg/hr basis. I would suggest having kg/hr numbers and use it as a function of EET (Estimated Enroute Time), I have a source that puts a YYZ-CDG segment on a 777-200ER at about 45 tonnes of fuel, the planner states that the 3700 mi flight will need 72 tonnes of fuel, that’s reaching TPAC fuel load territory there.

Good work there!! Had produced a fuel consumption for the aircraft in our VA which we use to calculate weight as well as completing PIREP. Worth noting this is based on cruise fuel consumption and does not include ground ops and climbing consumption so at present is more of a guide. When global is released will have to do some new calculations.

Nice work, thank you for sharing!