Fuel Burn Question

When the fuel burn is put in place will we have to land and refill ? Will there be fuel trucks added? I would like to know this

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Why not? ?

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Keep to the main topic of fuelburn


i wanna know too

No one knows.

Just be patient. That’s what the crow says as it waits for its prey.


Take this with a bag of salt if you wish, but likely you will have to taxi to your gate or equivalent designated area. At this time you shutdown the engines, and a refuel menu can come up.

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Or don’t forget we already have a weight configuration menu, and you can change the fuel in there as well. To increase realism, the weight options can only be used at gates.

I doubt there will be fuel trucks… they’ll probably just have you go to a gate and just magically refill the tanks. Just a guess

I wonder if it’ll be instant refueling or real-time…

Probably yeah

We can speculate all day, which is fine. The bottom line is that no one but the developers know the answer to your questions regarding fuel burn. We’ll see soon enough.

Yeah that’s true

I hope it’s just taxi to a square on the taxiway, set your fuel, and then that’s it. No trucks to wait for, no refueling time, nothing, just 1 2 3, and that’s it

probably no trucks but refill yes

We don’t know yet.