Fuel burn per hour calculation

In the “Weight & Balance” screen there is a fuel burn rate per hour listed for each plane, but what data is used to reach this number? It can’t factor in winds, cruising speeds, climb rate, etc since the flight hasn’t taken place, nor does it have access to the flight plan info.

Pretty sure it is an estimate without these factors as like you said it cannot calculate that. Based on the fuel data they have they make an estimate the plane can fly for X amount of minutes and hours.

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Yea, I was just curious if there were some averages they used, like each planes burn rate was estimated using a common cruise altitude, speed, weight, etc. I know flight planning sites will list how much fuel is required, I was just curious for the flights when I don’t use those planning sites.

Fuel per hour, not per nm! So for planning, we need fpltoif or else!

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