Fuel burn inaccuracies

Many planes in the sim have inaccurate fuel burn rates. The planes with inaccuracies are as follows:
767-300- The 767-300 has the range and fuel burn rate of the 767-300ER The 767-300’s real range is 4,500 miles
777-200ER/LR and 777-300ER- The 777-200ER and -300ER have a longer range they do in real life, and a much longer range than the -200LR, which has a much shorter range in the sim than in real life. 777-200ER range is 8,100 miles, 777-200LR range is 9,800 miles. 777-300ER range is 8,400 miles.
Q400- The Q400 can fly almost twice as far in the sim than in real life. Q400 range is 1,600 miles
CRJ-200- Fuel burn is inaccurate, but is getting reworked
E-Jets- All 4 E-Jets have the same fuel consumption, which is the most inncacurate of all. All 4 have the fuel consumption rate of the E190, with the E195 being able to fly farther than it really can, and the E170/175 being able to fly barely more than half their real range, because from having a much greater fuel consumption rate than in real life, a much smaller fuel tank than the E190 which their fuel consumption rate is set the same as, and the E170/175 having a smaller fuel tank in the sim than they do in real life. E170 range: 2,400 miles. E175 range: 2,550 miles. E190 range: 2,800 miles. E195 range: 2,650 miles
Citation X- The Citation X can fly twice its real range in the sim. In real life, it’s range is 3,700 miles. I hope these inaccuracies are fixed soon.

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Please provide reference in the future. Without reference this is an assumption.

We used the POH for each airframe to calculate the flow. If you have data we don’t we’ll gladly have a look, otherwise it’s likely pilot error with improper climbs, speeds, and altitudes.