Fuel Burn Holding Pattern

Here’s what happens when you add too much fuel in Infinite Flight and have to make holding patterns.

Expert (not very expert flight planning by myself)
Callsign: N27A
Aircraft: JetBlue A320

Thanks to @Marco_B for being a lovely approach controller and putting up with me!


🤔 you definitely had some extra fuel 😂

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How much flight time did that add?

about 45 mins. it was a late night flight too 🫤

I dont ever hold because of lots of fuel.

Were you above MLW? Cause if you’re not then I don’t really see a reason to hold for so long. Just my 2 cents :)

Anyway it’s really cool to see the path you took while holding! Sorry to hear that you held for so such a while, especially considering that it was a late-night flight

i just wanted to get below maximum landing weight

Sorry I meant MLW instead of MTOW

I get it now, nvm

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