Fuel burn confirmed! (Laura Instagram)


It didn’t make a lot of sense to have it with regions you couldn’t leave. You’d have to fly in long circles to run out. Global Flight changes everything. So it will make the most sense when thats ready. This does NOT mean fuel burn will be ready day one with Global. Its possible that it may take more time. Its an unknown factor right now.


If you need more beta tester who do >4000nmi flights let me know.

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Wouldn’t it be a good idea to only have that command available only if the aircraft has low fuel, and you can’t change the amount of fuel you have while moving

The IL-76 came about 20 years before the A340. So how could Ilyushin “copy” an aircraft that didn’t exist at the time?

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I already posted these on my topic:

Btw, Does the aircraft choice will effect the fuel efficiency in Global?

i.e B777 can flies longer than B747 (Both are using the same amount of fuel)

Of course it would.

No A320 will use the same amount of fuel as a 777…
Unless it was being flown at 1,000 AGL.

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I meant the B747 will be running out of fuel first before B777 though they are using the same amount of fuel

Will probably use actual fuel burn data from the aircraft they have in game, that data will come from real world operations or they will incorporate the fuel capacity to max range ratio (which is different for every aircraft)


The problem is that data only usually applies when aircraft are flown in their “econ” mode and even then it can vary by a good 5% either way everything else being equal.

If you know casual server, you know someone will be 100% N1 from takeoff to just before landing.

Also this is bad for me because im going to be using 130kg/hr in a A340 and 0.0001kg/hr in a 787

That’s hardly anything…

23gal/hr of Jet Fuel…

How about now?

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Zero. Lol.


Looking forward to this 😊

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One thing l just thought of…albeit maybe not that essential to some of you is…where on the cluttered cockpit displays is the low fuel light going to glow…


It will be on the bottom bar, as shown in the image imo. If IF could add a cockpit light, that would be awesome.

Finite flight confirmed


Lol same here.