Fuel Burn- can we change fuel quantity halfway through flight?

The topic says it all

No one knows yet.


Yes I know just wondering if it should be the case or not

Laura hasn’t revealed anything about fuel burn as of yet.


Its a “possibility” but not confirmed

Yes but do you think fuel should be changed mid flight

I highly doubt that - it’s very unrealistic. Speculations say that the fuel quantity will be set based on the distance of your flight plan.


Yes…but in the case of global flight when entering a busy airport the atc might ask you to hold. If the reserve fuel is insufficient we can’t just bulldouse tru the landing queue. So maybe a Mayday atc feature

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don’t know 😉

What would be the point of that?

I can see doing that in solo or maybe have option to turn that off on casual.

That could be implemented. There’s a topic about it on the forums.

You shouldn’t be able to, you should plan your fuel properly.

Yes…but it is all up to atc how long they will hold u up

But still, you should allow enough fuel for the whole flight, 3 go arounds and a diversion after those go arounds.


@CptNathanHope Laura did say fuel burn would come with global flight if they had time. FlyFi made a post check it out.

Yeah I know about that. I probably should’ve mentioned that it’s not “officially” confirmed yet.

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Probably yes we can but it’s not confirmed yet so I can’t advance anything;-)

You would have enough fuel for three go around, and then a diversion to a near aiport. All you would have to do would be ask for a departure towards your alternate airport

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Don’t think so…

@CptNathanHope is right. It’a not “officially” confirmed but there is strong evidence to suggest it. The fact that Laura travelled to airports in range of the A318CJ instead of going on impossibly long flights would be a strong support.

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