Fuel and weight

Hi, I am new to infinite flight and have a strong love in aviation. I had a question about infinite flight. Whenever I go to use these apps to calculate how much fuel I need it is always underestimated and I put in all the right things, I am beginning to believe that the winds are affecting how much fuel im burning because most of the time when I cross the atlantic im always faced with winds so I have to put more fuel on. Here is an example today I was flying from KLAX-EGLL and the flight time was 10 hours and 25 min and I still put on 14 hours of fuel and still ran out of fuel before landing in grass. Can someone please explain, and lmk if anyone else has this problem?

Check weather at the airport before departure. Also try and fill up with at least 18:00 because that happened. If you have anymore questions, let me know. Also, welcome to Infinite Flight :)

These fuel planners are most likely taking into consideration a step climb type cruise. To improve fuel efficiency over long haul flights, many airlines step climb. (FL330-350-370) or (FL320-340-360). If your flying some of the newer updated aircraft, chances are @AndrewWu has made a guide on it.

Personally I’ve never had a problem with fuel running out, taking into account that I step climb and run at the aircrafts proper cruising speed.

Never had a problem with fuel, I always pack in Extra fuel. Note: Always pack in 4 extra hours of fuel, or more. And use a good cruising altitude; FL330,340,350,360 are all pretty good altitudes.

I found your problem.

In all seriousness, yes; the winds do affect your aircrafts fuel consumption more than you’d expect and it can certainly be easy to underestimate. I recommend always adding at least an hour and fifteen minutes more fuel than you’d need to make it to your destination- and double that if your flying on an aircraft that isn’t updated with semi-realistic aerodynamics!

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