Fuel and Flight Time

Evening, fellow Pilots and Controllers

I was wondering, how does fuel effect your flight time. I always fly with 1:30 excess fuel plus an additional :10 minutes in case taxing becomes crowded. My question is, does having too much fuel increase the amount of token it tales for you to reach your destination airport because of weight? Or does it not effect it at all?

Thanks, United 838

I just guess. For my most common flight, DEN-NRT which IRL is 11hrs, I usually put 12-13hrs of fuel in using the 787. For ultra-long-haul flights or just flight that go beyond the recommended range of an aircraft, I’ll usually just make sure the plane is below MTOW and hope for the best.

To answer your question about weight, yes the more weight in your aircraft the more fuel it will use to accelerate in stages of the flight such as take off.

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Just did KATL to JFK. Decent flight, I watched a F22 taxi on the runway I was lining up on, he disappeared about 8 seconds later.

The most important point is but I’m not sure. For every 32,000 ft your up you can glide for 23miles with no fuel.

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