Ft. Lauderdale Plane Spotting Series

Hello folks, this time I decided to spot all nine planes at Fort Lauderdale using two locations. The first five planes I spotted were taken place at the north side of the airport, like by I-595. The second five planes I spotted took place at the Greenbelt Park, which is the south side of the airport which was mainly takeoffs by Spirit Airlines since it’s parked at Terminal 3 Concourse G. So here go the shots of plane spotting at FLL airport.

Airport: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport (KFLL)
RWYS: 28R, 28L
Date: 3/28/2022

First up, we have a Delta Airlines Flight 2944, on a Boeing 737-800 heading to Boston 🇺🇸 departing RWY 28R

Next up, JetBlue Flight 173, on an Airbus A320 heading to Punta Cana 🇩🇴

Next up, JetBlue Airways Flight 1460, Airbus A320 in the heritage livery, heading to Windsor Locks 🇺🇸

Next up, Southwest Airlines Flight 493, Boeing 737 MAX 8 heading to Pittsburgh 🇺🇸

Then, American Airlines Flight 1697, Boeing 737-800 heading to JFK 🇺🇸

A United Airlines Flight 1975, Boeing 737-800 in the new livery, departing to Cleveland 🇺🇸

Then on RWY 28L, we have a Spirit Airlines Flight 1368, Airbus A320neo heading to Denver 🇺🇸

Then we have an Air Transat that I have never before, an Airbus A321neo 🇨🇦

Last but not least, Southwest Airlines Flight 582, Boeing 737-700 heading to Chicago O’Hare 🇺🇸

That completes the plane spotting series at Ft. Lauderdale and today, I will be spotting some planes at Miami International Airport to see if I get new planes and airlines I haven’t spotted. Anyways, have a great day and stay safe.


Hi @Udeme_Ekpo

Lovely Photos 📸

However, I Can’t see the Planes’ Registration when I zoomed, and It is very Low Quality I think.

Please Check the Spotting Rules Below.

Thanks !

Like this For Example.

Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA


The photos are in high quality. You don’t have to see the registration. As long as you can see the plane clearly, that’s all that matters


Nice shots bro


Thanks @BayoMan


The category rules disagree.

I don’t blame you, though. One cannot control a camera’s zoom quality without a proper $13242442342434 camera and $ 134342853 lens.

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Oh well then, I might as well have to get closer to get a clear image of the aircraft since these rules disagree

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I mean I captured the planes taking off and landing with my iPhone 6S camera at my own position, like by my car to get a clear image of the planes taking off and landing and I didn’t have to get the registration, none of that. And I didn’t wanna get closer to the fence cuz u know, I didn’t wanna be accused of trespassing the airport.


Awesome pictures! One time I got a Spirit A321 on the taxiway when I was exiting a runway, I’ll make a topic of it soon!

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