Ft. Bragg Airdrop @ KPOB - 161500ZSEP17

Server: Expert Server

Region: North Carolina

Airport: KPOB

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM:Here is the scenario:

Plane: C-130J-30 Parking: Green Ramp Runway: Hopefully 05 but whatever is active

Take-off Weight 134,000lbs Fuel:20,000lbs Cargo:37,000lbs

Taxi and Lineup First plane taxis @1505z to the active runway. Every plane needs to fill in and follow lead. We will all lineup on the runway and stack left of center line, then right of center line, and so forth. Preferably this is a 5 air plane flight. If there are more start another 5 ship

Takeoff Once everyone is in place I will take off, once number 2 see’s me move, count to 10 and take off, this continues down the line.

Flight: Accelerate to 180 kts climbing to 4,000ft @700 feet/minute and fly the localizer symbology until the very end(I’d put a point in but there isn’t one. aproximate compass heding 327 degrees)

We are trying to maintain less than or equal to1NM seperation

Adege @ 4,000 200kts
Hedyy @ 4,000 200kts
Ochoc @ 4,000 200kts
Livia @1500 180kts (flaps 20)
Flivr @ 1,100 150kts
Homfy @1100 125kts (flaps 50/doors open)
41w @1100 120kts and drop back to exactly 1nm seperation (this is the drop zone, when you hit this point you need to go into settings and zero out the cargo and retract flaps and close doors.)

Baypa @2,000 220kts
Manae@2,000 220kts
Hamat @2000 220kts
Tesyu @2,000 180kts
Khffget established on ILS 04

Disclaimer this is a visual route it wont be exact, most likely it will be sloppy but let’s have some fun.

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Please use this format when posting events ;)


This topic would be more suited in #live in my opinion - #live:events is for structured and planned events as opposed to casual/informal meet ups.

I stated that if there was interest I’d add all the details. But I went ahead and put it in there anyway. I hope someone wants to do this or I just wasted and hour planning.

If I’m back at my house by then I’ll join. No promises with time though as I will likely still be busy.

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