Fs elite IF article


Hi could you add more substance to this topic, it would make it a lot easier to know what you would like to show us all.
Thank you!


That’s a great write up on IF by an outside source. Very informative

I’m not sure what he could add to the post aside from; “Hey, I found this cool article on IF from FSELITE!”. But, that is pretty self explanatory. I think it’s fine how it is.


That’s exactly what he should have put. People should be putting at least the minimal amount of effort in when making posts if they want people to actually give up their time to read it. I very nearly didn’t because of this and it gives off the impression that what’s been posted is just random.

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It’s whatever, but he’s the one that posted it, so it’s his choice. But he did tell you what it was in the title, saying it again in the main post is sorta worthless in my opinion.

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Well get on and post a comment on the article then. IF is a game based Sim ( rather than a Sim based game). There are several disadvantages with IF ( no buildings, clouds etc) however many advantages ( portable, cheaper hardware, community etc) as with most things in life it’s horses for courses!

I personally discovered IF after reading a similar review in the magazine “PC Pilot” in about 2013.

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