Frustrating Pilots on ATC playground

I see this frequently when controlling in the SoCal region. The other day I was on the tower at KSAN and a pilot asked for takeoff remaining in the pattern. After I cleared him for takeoff, he took off and just flew away. It appears to me that many pilots don’t know the meaning of all the ATC messages. I have also noticed that since there is no ghosting or reporting, pilots can get away with just about anything. One time at KPSP, a pilot requested inbound for rwy 13R. I told him that that runway was closed and to enter the left downwind for 31L. But he just continued his inbound for the closed runway. The end result was a collision between him and a 737 I had cleared for takeoff earlier and I thought to myself “why now are we not allowed to report people?” So either we need to be able to report people or we should have ATC tutorials, perhaps even both.

Is this forum become platform to Complain ATC only?😀😀 sorry no offence to you. There are so many topics about ATC misbehaviour, if you don’t mind pick one to input your thoughts. (I’m not admin/mod what’s so ever. Just little info to keep forum organised, thanks👍)


I agree. Best thing to do would be to PM Mr. David Israel and tell him!


John Gerard

Thanks @GatwickGuy, I’m new to this forum but pilot misbehavior has bothered me ever since I started controlling.

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Pls give it a rest! The Playground is a school house and it’s surly a Playground incident or you’d have pulled the trigger. Learn your trade the good, bad and ugly! You’ll move up when you make the cut, till then I suggest you " suck it up". Just Sayin, no offense intended, Max Sends

@Maxmustang I agree with you 100%. I just don’t understand why people with such high standing would be doing stuff as stupid as that. But, like you said, until I’m advanced controller I’ll just have to “suck it up”

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(@GolferRyan). Good Man! You’ll go Far!. Regards, Max

I hear you. Sorry I also added to the rant about people not listening to ATC controllers on playground (you can read my post on it too). I agree with everyone that for the time being we can only just suck it up. Having said that, I completely understand your frustration because I am in the same shoe. We try to practise as ATC so we do better jobs at providing service to pilots, so dear pilots, please help us help you!

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I agree I have done my fair share of complaining but no one you ever complain about comes here this is where the experienced and student flyers come to learn and educate them selves on processes we need to give it a rest about the playground. But the developers have got to be watching all these topics and thinking of a way to improve the system and I think there have been a lot of good points brought up in these discussions but it’s time to give it a rest.