Frustrating IFC forum lags endlessly on mobile android, can't click on topics

Hi guys, searched the forum and only find solutions about logging into IFC.
Mine logs in just fine on mobile android but I could only go as far as the home page, clicking on any topics will result in an endless loading screen.

Happened right after I cleaned my phone including deleting and re-installing everything related to IFC and Infinite Flight and a lot of other apps so I could get a fresh 21.3.
Since then for weeks I’ve tried opening IFC topics through both chrome and discord app but nothing changes and I’m a bit :( 'cause I love checking on the IFC before bed and waking up to accompany me through my busy day.

It seem to run just fine on a desktop computer, I’m typing this from a Mac at work.

Anybody else ever experienced this weird lag?
Any solutions will be greatly appreciated,

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It sounds like a network issue…
Are other sites working fine? YouTube etc? I usually get stuck on that loading screen when my phone is misbehaving with the network (switching back and forth between mobile data and WiFi etc).

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Okay, I will try out different network providers. All other apps seem to work just fine apparently, let’s see how this goes, been missing the IFC at home for weeks…
Thanks for your helpful idea!

Weird, as soon as you’ve told me this everything is working correctly now. I think you’re right, just gotta sit out a network problem (for weeks! (>gulp<) and now I’m able to type this on my phone.

Thank you Capt’n Sooraj! I think you’ve solved my issue, see you in the skies!


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