Frustrating Game Crashes

I have recently embarked on two extremely long long-haul flights, WSSS-MMUN onboard the 777-200ER and MMUN-VABB onboard the 787-8, and during each flight my game has crashed when I have been within 10 minutes of landing. It was especially annoying for my approach into VABB as I had waited through 30 minutes of sequencing on approach just to get kicked out after intercepting the ILS localizer.
During the flight I set the graphics to low, plug my phone into the charger, and I turn the brightness all the way down. I also try to keep it at night time but that’s hard to monitor consistently. When I’m landing I set the graphics back to high and turn the brightness back up but keep my phone plugged in.
I’m using an iPhone 6s on iOS 13.3.1.
If anyone is aware of a way to avoid this issue your advice is greatly appreciated.

Edit: I also cleared my scenery cache prior to departing from MMUN for the second flight.


As you’ve tried the main workarounds already, keep in mind that they aren’t guaranteed fixes. You haven’t yet mentioned of the recent proposed workaround involving pointing your camera at the sky, it’ll disable the code that causes the leak. Hope that helps!

Hi there. The easiest thing to do is while cruising to put your camera to ATC, Tower, or Cockpit (no vc) pointed up. This will not download scenery and hopefully not leak as much memory.

So far many have had success with this method and have had reports of 20+ hour flights with no crash.

The iOS memory leak is being researched and solution worked on.


Should I just set the camera to free mode and point it at the sky? this sounds promising just trying to clarify.

As said by @Chris_S, Tower, cockpit, ATC, those kinds of things. I’m sure that freecam will work similarly.

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Thank you guys for the quick feedback I will implement these strategies for my future flights. I guess now my only question is why does it cruelly wait until I’m on final approach to crash?

Free cam still downloads scenery. Those three camera views were confirmed with developers to be the best choices.


I’ll stand corrected then, thanks for clarifying :)

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Off-topic but is there any progress on it being fixed for 20.1? I know it’s more of an Apple issue, but I was thinking sometimes it could be because of a bug in-game that allows it or just something in general. Thanks!

I can’t quote if it will be ready or not for 20.1 or not. I know they want to get it fixed and have been working with the 3rd party vendor. If the timetables can align then I don’t see why not but if it needs to be a hotfix post 20.1 to allow for adequate testing so be it.

They will be sure to announce in the 19.4 issue topic when progress is made.

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Ok thanks for the insight!

why does it cruelly wait until I’m on final approach to crash?

Is anyone able to provide any insight into this?

Due to traffic possibly?

This is due to the iOS memory leak. As scenery gets loaded memory slowly leaks and after a while your device kills IF to recover the resources. Using the information above by lowering your settings and using the camera views will help.

Please PM me if you have additional questions.

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