Frustrating ATC

I was in line at KLAX for runway 25L, and this annoying controller kept telling me to contact ground. Anyway to report them

Did you ask ground for permission to taxi before you got in line for takeoff. There’s nothing more upsetting to a controller than a rogue player who does their own thing!

Ground was not online at the time of pushback and taxi.

Was it online at anytime during your taxi to the runway, remember you only contact tower when first in line for takeoff

I had just requested takeoff, I was first in line and was just told to line up and wait. and the message came up, Your on an active airport, contact ground

I have it somtimes what i have to do ???

A big question, Server?


ATC Playground

Come on! Most People on the ATC playground don’t know what they are doing! (Not everyone :) )
Here’s a slogan inviting you to the Advanced Server → [quote=“dush19, post:3, topic:11315”]
Fly on the Advanced, Never get trolled by our highly-trained controllers. We will always ensure you have a great experience^ on the Advanced Server.

^If you follow instructions.


I just have to gain 15,000 xp :/


Dush just said a similar thing to what I was about to say. ATC playground is where new and and inexperienced players start off so please don’t expect everyone to know exactly what to do. In a case of something like that just ignore it. Most of the ATC don’t do this and if you want to fly on advanced ASAP then start doing touch and goes. I kept doing touch and goes once on free flight and got about 1,000 XP in 20 min. Happy Landings!

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Thank you! Will do

The function to remember pilots to contact a frequency is important. Some pilots forget it or didn’t noticed that a frequency is now online. But it can be also annoying. I often get ground messages while I’m flying at 11,000ft : ). Very funny and annoying.
Maybe there should be a limit how much messages a controller can send.

Good luck on getting the extra XP to get to the advanced server, it will all be worth it :)

Advanced has gotten a lot of love in the recent month which is good! Playground got bad quickly.

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