Fruitful Spotting @KORD

Hello all! I was able to go spotting again, and today, it was probably the most fruitful day for spotting yet!

First up is the ANA BB-8 departing for Tokyo

Next up, a plane that started flying again recently, the United B737 MAX

The main reason I went spotting today is for this Finnair A350, which came in with a slight 20 hour delay. Unfortunately, the clouds decided to play hide and seek

Next up, this China eastern 777-300 heading for Shanghai

Then, a Lufthansa A350 heading for Frankfurt with some stellar contrast

A FedEx 767 which came in from Memphis

Then, an EVA Cargo 777F right before the Zulu bridge

And finally. What I considered the best pic of the day, the Air France 777F turning onto Zulu

I hope you enjoyed this quick and small(er) spotting topic. No photo to be used without permission. Thanks!



Beautiful shots, Marcel! 🥰


Oh dang is that livery awesome, the snow makes it look cool as well!

@Robertine it seems our Duopoly went to a Triopoly…nope a Quadopoly?

Lovely job @mkwiecek , photos look great!


Good to see the snow at KORD is gone, great shots! Loved the max!

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Contrast with the clouds are fantastic! Awesome shots and quality 👏

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This is a stunning shot!

Looks straight out of a catalog

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Great job! I can’t wait till I see a A350 in person.

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Are you @average_chicago_spotter on instagram by any chance?

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Crispy detail! 😍


Stunning! 1

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That would be I, yes

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Fantastic picture(s)! The LH A350 on front of the tower really looks stunning, and the UA livery suits the B737MAX really well, especially in such light conditions.
Great to see some other traffic I rarely see such as the Cargo planes as well. Thanks for sharing!

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Ironic. 20 hours is a big deal.

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Fantastic job! Good looking photos, thx for sharing

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