Frozen screen

my screen is frozen so that is not very good. and I am flying dal somebody needs to help me please and thanku

Hi there! Usually it resolves itself over a bit of time. There’s not really a way to work around a freeze but you can lower your graphics to help avoid another occurrence in the future. Freezes suck but it happens to the best of us.

does it last long

It varies. Sometimes some freezes are fast and sometimes they take a bit long unfortunately.

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Quickly go out of the app then return. Seems to always work for me.

Can you please provide us some more information?

What device are you on?
How long does the freezing happen?
Where is it freezing?
What are your graphics settings?
Are you on WIFI or Cellular?

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I am on a phone Samsung s10+
about 1min
the whole screen is frozen

Does it freeze on every flight?

Does it freeze if you reboot your device first?

You can find your graphics settings in the settings menu of Infinite Flight.

no this is my first time freezing
yes what do I need to do

Chances are your graphics settings are too high
Mine are set to all high but it’s really tasking for the device and drains memory and battery really fast

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