Frozen Loading Screen

Hi, I need some help because whenever I’m trying to open my 10 hour replay it’s always frozen in the loading position. Keep in mind I do t have IF pro

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Are you on stable internet?

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Have you tried restarting the app? - this works for when loading into a flight freezes and I would hope it works the same for loading replays.


Yes I’m on stable internet, I have tried everything redownloading the app restarting the app check to see if I have storage and I have enough I’ve even tried restarting my phone

Most likely the replay file is corrupt. Nothing can be done in this situation, unfortunately.

If I do another flight will the file work

Dam thats unfortunate

My friend tried it and it worked for him

Sometimes when I have a bad connection, it take like 10-15min to load the +10h flight

How much time have you wait @Merkel_Playz

It has been loading over night and it’s still not working

I’ve had the same problem and unfortunately have been unsuccessful in loading a specific replay file.

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